Minnesota Computers for Schools (MCFS): Helping MN Schools & Inmates

Have you heard of Minnesota Computers for Schools?

MCFS is an awesome Twin Cities non-profit that manages to provide a great service for two demographics we don't often see in conjunction with each other: schools and inmates. Schools get good deals on refurbished computers for their students while inmates in the Stillwater Correctional Facility get the opportunity to gain technical skills and work experience while serving their terms (a big privelege). The end result--Schools can supply their labs and classrooms with quality computers for about 25% of the cost of new ones. These days, public schools need all the help they can get just to stay afloat and to provide their students with quality equipment on which to learn.

Minnesota Computers for Schools is a national role model in fighting the digital divide. Besides providing a number of inmates with meaningful work each day and saving public schools thousands of dollars on technology, MCFS recycles a truly impressive amount of electronic waste each year. I expect (and hope) to see more organizations follow in the footsteps of MCFS to make a big difference in their own cities and communities.

Read this article from the Stillwater Gazette's Hannah Johnson.

And just think, if you were an inmate, wouldn't you rather be refurbishing computers than stamping license plates?

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